Sarah Clifford and wolf pups

[ Owner & Animal Coordinator:

Sarah J. Clifford

Cell 661.492.0776 ]

We are thrilled to be able to provide our award-winning animal talent for your upcoming shoot. Not only do we want your project to have the best animals, but we want to provide the best trainers who are seasoned pros and industry experts. 


Producers hire us repeatedly because of our professionalism, how much we love and care for our animal family, and because our talented thespians always deliver the best performances! We are all completely devoted to animal welfare and try to use rescues whenever possible. Our animals are always carefully and responsibly sourced when not our own.


Remember the jaw-dropping performance of the Jack Russell Terriers in the Oscar-winning film The Artist? The dogs were exclusively provided by us. We have trained everything from flying birds, geese dancing in tutus, to mice wearing tiny backpacks. We have trained it all and always love a new challenge. 

These healthy, happy, and talented animal actors will enhance your brand! Our animals have unique and marketable skills. They have experience with lights, cameras, crowds, moving sets, and loud noises. Our animals learn behaviors with the use of positive, holistic, and balanced training methods. 

Our team will work tirelessly to make your vision a reality. We offer FREE Script breakdowns, budgets, and project consultations!! We give every project 100% of our time, commitment, and total enthusiasm. We totally get that time is money so promise not to waste yours. 


We may not have as many animals as some of the larger, commercial companies because ours live in a home environment. Our working animals are treated like beloved family members that get to do things like camping, hiking, swimming, and a ton of playtime!


We also strive to feed the best species-appropriate nutrition, and we provide daily enrichment for everyone. We are transparent about the wonderful care provided to our animal fam and we're always happy to provide ranch visits to our clients.


Our ranch is located in Southern, California but our animal talent is available worldwide! We have traveled our animals safely and comfortably all throughout the U.S. and we have our passports ready to go!

Please feel free to call, text, or email us anytime!!



Sarah Clifford and Wiley
Sarah Clifford
Sarah Clifford on The Exorcist (Fox TV)
Sarah Clifford and horses
Sarah Clifford and Wiley on a Hallmark Film